About us

Pesciro was born in 2001 offering solutions to its clients in the import and export of frozen Fish and Seafood from all over the world. For a few years now, and as a result of our concern to diversify the activity of the company, we have been adding complementary lines of business. Currently the range of products has diversified also offering meat products, fruits and other food products.

About us

Our headquarters in Vigo is the central link of our network of suppliers at source. Our offices adapt to our nonconformist, close and determined character.

At Pesciro we are very committed to our clients and the quality we offer, our mission is to guarantee at all levels the fulfillment of the expectations that our clients have placed in our services. We offer a transparent service and guarantee the highest demands in each business line.

About us
Our background

The company set out in Barcelona.


It moved to Vigo.


We obtained the first certification (ISO 9001).


We took a qualitative leap forward by setting up the quality department.


We obtained the MSC Chain of Custody certification.


The number of employees surpassed 10.


We established a subsidiary in China.


We began marketing food products other than fish.


We were awarded the IFS Broker and ASC Chain of Custody certifications.


We now have more than 20 employees.

At Pesciro we are highly committed to our customers and the quality that we offer, and this is why we like to emphasise our values as a company, both at an internal and external level:

Flexibility / Agility

Adapting to the individual needs of each of our clients, quick response.


Seriousness, professionalism, reliability, approachability.


Traceability, communication.


To our guarantees, to our clients, to our work.

On-going improvement

Process of continuous updating at legal and management level in
what is involved in each of the import and export processes.

Quality Policy

PESCIRO, S.L.U, has among its goals continuous improvement, customer and other stakeholders´ satisfaction, to contribute to sustainable economic development and to ensure the highest standards of quality and food safety.

Sustainability and environment

Pesciro is a company committed to sustainability and the environment. One of our priorities is the sustainability of the fisheries which supply our products. To develop our activities in a sustainable way Pesciro is committed to:

The MSC standard for chain of custody and traceability of fishery products ensures that the blue MSC logo is only used in products from certified fisheries. That gives buyers and consumers confidence that the seafood they are buying can be traced to a fishery that follows the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing.

PESCIRO is a company aware of the conservation of the environment. That is why we guarantee that all our tuna suppliers comply with the DOLPHIN SAFE TUNA agreement and supply us with Tuna from boats that use Non-Entangling FAD´s to minimize the Bycatch. In the case of Tuna longline fisheries, we require our suppliers to adopt the following GOOD PRACTICES to reduce bycatch of other species such as sharks and sea turtles:

(a) the use of circle hooks and only monofilament lines (the use of wire trace is prohibited);

(b) the implementation by the crew of best practice handling techniques such as those outlined in the ISSF Skippers’ Guidebook to Sustainable Longline Fishing Practices

(c) no use of “shark lines” at any time.

PESCIRO condemns the finning of the shark, and with that purpose we make our policy clear and public.