What we can do

Pesciro is the partner that your business needs to guarantee quality, from the outset, and to speed up the buying and selling processes in the food sector. We help you to manage the uncertainty arising from the import and export of foodstuffs, guaranteeing product traceability.

Exhaustive selection of our suppliers

We carefully select our suppliers, establishing a close relationship of trust. We work only with the most reliable and those who offer us the best quality/price.

Our own processes and quality controls from the beginning

We identify the critical points in the buying and selling process and in quality control. We establish control points from the source to delivery to the client, guaranteeing product traceability.

Our human team supervises the whole process

Our high level of training, our speed of response, personalised attention and on-going updating set us apart. We also provide approachability and professionalism. We rely on a highly qualified quality department.

We think long term

We always think in the long term. Our experience supports us. In all our relationships with suppliers and customers, our mentality is always thinking in the long term and trying to anticipate what the market will demand in the future.

Our certifications

We save you all the work involved in sourcing food products on the international market: import or export procedures, stock control, transport, supervision of the cold chain, required documentation, etc.

IFS Broker
Farmed Responsibly ASC Certified
Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC
Protected Designation of Origin. Mejillón de Galicia.